Top 10 Weirdest Planets in the Universe

05. The Black Hole Planet TReS-2b

Weird Planet

It can be called as a Xerox copy of Jupiter as it looks like similar to it. There are many similarities between them like both of them have almost the same size; it also orbits a star quite similar to the Sun. The only difference is that it is at a distance of 750 light years. It is also considered as a darkest planet as it absorbs enormous amount of light. This is explained by the fact that only 1 percent light reflects through its surface and the remaining is absorbed. It is even darker than black acrylic and coal. It is speculated that the atmosphere of the planet has chemicals, or mix of compounds. Interestingly, at 1800°F, it turns hot enough to emit a dull, reddish glow, which is visible probably because of all the absorbed light.