Top 10 Weirdest Planets in the Universe

09. HD 106906 b

Weird Planet

Well, there were many questions about the existence of this planet between the researchers. Those questions arrived when they found that the distance of this planet from and its stars and the size of it is huge. The scientists were amazed of this discovery.

Want to know more facts about it? The giant planet is 650 times the distance from Earth to the sun and is 11 times the size of Jupiter. When it comes to the temperature, again an astounding fact was found. The temperature of this planet is found to be staggering at 1500 degree Celsius which is ridiculous owing to the distance from its nearest hot star. The age of this planet is found to be 13 Million years which is not very much in terms of space science. Our universe’s age is 14 billion years. So, this planet has all the things it takes to baffle scientists.