The Top 10 Secret Societies in World’s History

06. The Priory of Sion

Secret Societies

A book name Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is published. It has created an interest of people in Priory of Sion. It is unfortunate for those who are willing to join this society because this I fictional and no evidence of its existence ever found. It was a hoax created by a pretender to the French throne Pierre Plantard. Despite of no evidence of its existence, many people still believe that it existed and they want to join them.

Some of the well-known authors are misled by the hoax and they believed that The Priory of Sion as a long history getting back to 1099AD. The notable people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton were also a part of that society. The Priory of Sion Seek that founding of a new European Empire which would become the next superpower and lead the world.