Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in the World

Politicians are actually the ones who provide the bases for democracy as both of them are equally important for each other and no one of them can bear the absence of any of one of these. They are the real product of any nation and play the most important role in the growth of a country. They are the reflectors of any government policies. If they are up to the task and capable of handling the jobs assigned to them then the nation and country would progress rapidly.

In this article, we will introduce the top ten politicians of the world to you. Their names have been picked due to their impressive performance for their country. One thing important to note that every statesman has the authority and also the responsibility to play vital role in the development of the country by using the authority in a positive way. So here is presented an overview of the top ten politicians of the world.

10. Jacob Zuma

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Jacob Zuma is the president of South Africa. He is just like Barrack Obama is a guy from the other community known as the black community. His party won the general elections in 2009 and he was elected as the president by parliament. In 2014 general elections, his party won again and he made his way to the president office. Jacob Zuma is one the most powerful politicians in the world. He has been serving the African national congress for a very long time.


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