Top 25 Scariest Amusement Rides in the World

There is a reason behind the existence of amusement parks in the world. The reason is that we all need a good scare to overcome our all scares. We all feel anticipated before going for a ride and who can overcome the adrenaline rush. There is definitely a risk factor involved in the rides but that’s what they are about. Here, we are giving you a glimpse of the scariest amusement rides in the world…

25. Superman Escape


It’s the fantasy of all of us to fly like Superman. We can’t have the wings that are for sure but you can get the next best thing at Warner Bros, Movie World in Queensland, Australia. You will experience a speed shift from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 2 seconds. You will enjoy intense special effects along with insane twists and turns. This ride will definitely feel you flying like Superman in the world.

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