The 25 Best Comedy Movies of 21st Century So Far

The better prospect regarding cinema today is that the world can laugh now more often. In the first 17 years of this century, many up to the mark comedy movies have already been produced. There are some movies in the list we are providing that you might haven’t seen but we lean toward the brighter side always. There will be also some movies which are not straight comedies but it is better to be broad in your approach as any movie which can balance its darker shades with humor can be chosen. So, here we go about the best comedies of 2017 so far.

25. “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004)

Top 25 Best Comedy Movies

A movie of consistent comical sequences, “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” is basically a stoner comedy film. The film revolves around to guys Harold and Kumar. They decide to go to White Castle which is a fast food chain after smoking marijuana. On the way, they end having many comical misadventures mainly due to smoking marijuana. At least you can say that the cult classic was ahead of the curve.

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