Top 10 Weirdest Planets in the Universe

Space research has been going for quite some-time now. No doubt, it has brought a revolution in space science. Many hidden things were able to be discovered due to these researches. Revelations about stars and planets are continuing and will continue till the end of times for sure. The universe we live in is vast and vast beyond our expectations. The science is not sure about the other universes but convinced that there are so many other universes present. But we are considering our universe in this article. The scientists working for so many years have developed a capacity now to discover planets and similar things. This is the reason why so many planets and stars are discovered recently.

There are some planets which may or may not happen to be utilized by us Earthlings but they are definitely in existent. These planets are the strangest in our universe due to their behavior. Each planet is different from the other one. Currently many researches are undergoing to find out facts and figures about those strange beasts in our universe. Here is a rundown of the main 10 record breaking shattering outsider planets, among all the others that have been found and found.

10. Kepler 10c

Weird Planet

Ever heard about a term called “rough planets”? This is a live example of such planets. It is by far known to be the roughest planet in our cosmic system.

Do you know why?

Because it is a planet of enormous size just like Saturn and Neptune planets which I am sure you people are familiar with. These planets pull a lot of helium and hydrogen. Our planet is nothing in size, speed and mass of this planet. Kepler 10c is about 2.3 time’s circumstances the span of planet Earth. When it comes to mass, it is 17 times more dense and noteworthy then our very own planet Earth.

When it comes to the creation of this planet, it has been found out that Kepler 10c has been developed of thick rocks and solids which are responsible for such a huge mass. So, it is quite clear where this planet get enormous size from.

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