Top 10 Scariest Bridges in the World

The world is full of wonders and amazing things. These wonders just stunned you for a moment and you feel yourself out of this world. One of the wonders of the world is amazing and terrifying suspension bridges. When you step a foot on them, you are always not sure about crossing it living. Despite of having all the necessary safety measures, still your blood flow goes wild or just stops the circulation. One just can’t imagine the horror of crossing a suspension bridge up above the cliffs with only two ends tied to something. In most of the cases, only one person can pass and even a bit of wind can shake the whole bridge heavily. Bridges are meant to shorten distances but in most of the cases, they just take the hell out of passing people. Here under is given the list of the top ten scariest bridges round the globe. Fasten your seatbelts please as our journey can be shaky.

10. Royal Gorge Bridge of America


It has the honors of being the highest bridge in the world for almost a century. From 1929 to 2001, no bridge was even closer to touching it but now it resides at number 10 place in our list. It is situated within a theme park which is used to cross the Arkansas River in the state of Colorado. It was outnumbered by Liuguanghe Bridge of China in 2001. The bridge is 291 meter high and 384 meter long. In June 2013, the park was devastated by the fire with minimal damage to the Bridge.

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