10 of The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

The world’s reality is that people love to travel. I am sure lots of people are planning to travel to their city of dreams, you should know that there are hotels in the world that provide such a facilities that only few people could have the luxury of affording them. They charge a lot even for a single night but for a memorable experience, nobody cares of that provided you have money. An amazing fact is that there are certain hotels which have strict rules about dress codes to be followed. If not, you can enter them. The reason is the standards they have set and the facilities they provide which include the best suites in the world. So here is another wonder from the lives of the richest in the form of some of the most expensive hotel rooms for giving the richest a taste of luxury.

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10. Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Expensive Hotel Roosm
Royalty lies in all the components of this suite. There is a royalty in the charges too. For one night, you have to pay almost $23,000. The suite has the utmost caring of every aspect like Hermes bath products for an unparalleled bathing experience and sleeping arrangements. You will also have the luxury of undersea restaurant named Al Mahara. You can enjoy 17 types of pillows along with four posted rotating bed. A 24 carat gold plated i Pad is at your disposal.


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