The Future of Technology through Eyes of US People…

The world is moving towards revolutionized scientific changes. It believes that the next 50 years would be a period of profound scientific changes. It believes so because inventions which were thought to be a realm of science fiction are now in common use.


A survey was conducted by Pew Research Center which asked Americans about technology and its potential effects on the future. It involved questioning about near advances like robotics to more futuristic advancements like teleportation and space colonization. It not only involves the views of people about their expectances from technology but also about the impact of recent advancements on their lives.

The Findings of the Survey

Most Americans was found to be optimistic about technology. 59% of the participants thought that technology and scientific changes will improve life in future. 30% of the participants were found not very hopeful as they thought it would make life even worse than it is now.

Some Specific Results

Many optimistic Americans have high expectations from technology.

  • 8 out of 10 people believe that people needing new organs will have them lab made in the next 50 years naturally.
  • 51% people believe that in 50 years computer will be able to create art indistinguishable from human made.
  • 39% believe that new technology to teleport objects will be there in near future.
  • 33% expects to colonize other planets expect earth.
  • 19% Americans are of the view that weather could be controlled in the near future.

Other than the above mentioned things, there are some points which show concern about some controversial developments that might occur in short span of time.

  • 66% think it would be a change for the worse if prospective parents could alter the DNA of their children to produce smarter, healthier, or more athletic offspring.
  • 65% think it would be a change for the worse if lifelike robots become the primary caregivers for the elderly and people in poor health.
  • 63% think it would be a change for the worse if personal and commercial drones are given permission to fly through most U.S. airspace.
  • 53% of Americans think it would be a change for the worse if most people wear implants or other devices that constantly show them information about the world around them. Women are especially wary of a future in which these devices are widespread.

Trying New Technologies

There are some interesting results when it comes to trying out new technologies.

  • When asked about driving a driverless car, the poll was divided. 48% were in favor while the rest were against that.
  • When asked about owing futuristic inventions, 11% were of the view not to own anything and 28% people would not even pay attention to it.
  • When asked about their ideas of advancements in health sector, the people responded that they would like to own health improvement gadgets that would increase human longevity.

The survey conducted is pretty accurate and margin of error is 3%.


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