Top 10 Smartphone Apps

It has been said that the no. of atom in the tip of finger is more than all the stars in the sky. Well, the apps certainly have not raised to that much extent but still the playstore is quite full of wonderful apps. You can make a list of best apps but it can extend up to hundreds of them. Here, we are trying to simplify this problem for you. We are presenting a list of top ten apps you should have in your phone. These out of the box when installed, you will be able to tackle just about anything.

This list will get you started on the apps and will open your eyes.

10. Spotify

Top 10 Smartphone Apps

The world is going crazy after live music and video streaming. This service is being efficiently provided by the Spotify app. Moreover, there are no copyright issues about the content it provides. It can be safely said that if you are searching for the king of music apps, you have knocked the right door. With a simple but modern and elegant interface, the usability has been increased to a great extent. With an option of mood based playlist, you can have anything according to your mood.

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