Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls of the World

Shopping is the craze of almost everyone in the world especially of women. They are just crazy about it. This is the thing which is exploited in a sense by the huge business communities of the world. As they always tend to make different huge shopping places so that everyone can come to shop at it. The view of people about shopping center has been changed dramatically over the years. Now, they are not only the place for shopping but they have their own huge world inside them. Malls are basically the one stop destination for everybody with all the recreational facilities. All the things you name it will welcome you at these shopping centers like Zoo, parks, sky trails, science centers, skating rinks, pools and theme parks etc. Here we are proud to present you the largest shopping malls of the world.

10. Siam Paragon of Bangkok

This mall is the best for the journey of shopping and entertainment. It is one of the largest malls of Thailand with only next to the Central World. It has all the necessary attractions it takes for a shopping mall to be outstanding. There are a wide range of specialty stores, restaurants, Movie Theater, The Siam Ocean World Aquarium, Art Gallery and Concert Hall. In short, there are things you cannot imagine. The mall also has a large Bowling court and karaoke center. It has an area of 3.22 Million Square Feet.

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