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  • Top 20 Crypto-Currencies to Invest in 2018

    With all the infancy things and lacking of regulatory systems and network, still crypto-currency is the future of money. Well, still a lot of work is needed to be done to fully utilize the networks but that didn’t stop crypto-currency spreading like eagle. The shared agreement to use and embrace this new wave of technological […]

  • The Future of Technology through Eyes of US People…

    The world is moving towards revolutionized scientific changes. It believes that the next 50 years would be a period of profound scientific changes. It believes so because inventions which were thought to be a realm of science fiction are now in common use. Survey A survey was conducted by Pew Research Center which asked Americans […]

  • Technology and Its Impact on Future of Work

    Time flies so quickly one can’t even imagine. Current era is changing its dimensions rapidly. For instance, when we were kids, the jobs we thought we will do in the future will be different completely then the ones we would choose if we were kids today. All this happen is due to technology. The big […]