Top Most Beautiful Islands in the World

If you are a traveller and love roaming around the world then a few islands must be on bucket list. Islands are the epitome of beauty. Mesmerizing nature not only relaxes you but also acts as a food for soul. Clear sky, blue warm water, lush green trees and heartfelt silence, indeed Islands are a heaven on Earth. Since ages people plan trips and vacations to islands across the world to witness the beauty of nature and refresh them. So here is a list of top most beautiful islands in the world with highest grossing income from tourism.


The island is located in South Asia. Undoubtedly it is the most beautiful island in the world. Maldives is famous for various reasons but the most significant of them is the crystal clear blue water. Maldives naturally houses various species of coral reefs that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This under water sea life adds exceptionally to the beauty of Maldives. Luxury resorts setup just above aquamarine waters gives a unique aesthetic sense to the island. Rather than enjoying nature there is much more you can do there. The beach Spa, rafting, sea diving, meditating, sun bathing, speed boating and travelling in yacht are all activities that can make your trip at Maldives a memorable one.

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