25 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

New Year is worth celebrating as it only arrives once a year, so why not make it special. The next question is to find the best place to be when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. We’ve scoured the world for the best annual celebrations, from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate. The good thing is that the fun won’t stop here. There are many cities in the list which provides great New Year’s Day activities packages as well. Mind blowing fireworks, dances, cultural shows and events – you will find them all in the list of places to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

25. St. Petersburg, Russia

The city of snow provides a wonderful view on New Year’s Eve covering with layers of snow and holiday lights illuminating them. Every year, the crowd gathers on the frozen Neva River outside the Hermitage Museum for the astounding fireworks. Just when the clock ticks down, the fun starts. One will experience the viewing of thousands of lanterns in the sky. For the best experience, stay at the Grand Hotel Europe if pricing is not the concern.

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